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Freedom Fighters: Billy Beasley

As principal of Brownsboro Intermediate School, Billy Beasley's life is filled with children. Ironically he says it was the loss f his own child just after he returned from Vietnam and the experiences he had in Vietnam that have made him "give his heart to children."

Beasley went into the Amy in 1966 and by 1967 he was landing in a war torn Vietnam. As a member of the Military Police supporting front line troops, he was constantly under fire.

Although he admits he was in constant fear, Beasley says he got to know others as human beings without thought to color, race or creed. As a black man growing up in East Texas, finding that everyone there was experiencing the same emotions, was an education. The education Billy Beasley received in Vietnam has helped in his education of others.

Joan Hallmark, Reporting

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