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2/9/07-Smith County

A Pet Funeral Home and Crematory In East Texas

It's a trend that's spreading across the nation. After losing a pet what are you to do with its remains? Some choose to bury it, others let their vet's dispose of the animal. An East Texas business provides a place for pet lovers to say goodbye in a compassionate way.  

Gene and Susan Allen, and Susan's mother Sue Ann Richardson have been in the pet product business for more than 13 years. During that time, they say they've learned what pet lovers need, and that is a place for them to say goodbye to their pets.

"More and more people are associating their pets with their families now, more than they did in the past, so in a way it equates being a family member, and that's the way we try to look at it," said Gene Allen, Co-Owner of Pets and Friends. Skip Drapkin and his wife of Mineola lost their nine year old Shih Tzu Misty a couple months ago. They brought Misty here to Pets and Friends, a pet funeral home and crematory in Tyler.

"My wife and I unfortunetly never had children, so our dogs are our children," said Skip Drapkin, lost dog. "We want to keep them with us, plus someday when my wife and I are gone, we would like to be cremated and have all our ashes spread together." Inside the funeral home, families have the option of watching the cremation process. After it's done, your pets ashes are returned to.

"It's a beautiful little ceramic urn and it had a beautiful little message on the front," said Drapkin.  Gene says he gets satisfaction knowing he can provide another option for pet lovers.

"If a pet is not buried, or if he's not cremated, unfortunetly he goes to the landfill," said Gene Allen. At Pet and Friends, Gene says families can walk away knowing their pet was handled with care. The cost to cremate your pet varies on it's size. Prices range from $50 to about
$250. Pets and Friends will cremate all kinds of pets, anything that weights 300 pounds or less.

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com


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