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LISD Experiencing Shortage of Bus Drivers

Flu season and a shortage of bus drivers has caused some problems for one East Texas school district.   Longview ISD's bus did not pick up Dru Laborde's son early Friday morning. The middle schooler waited outside for almost 2 hours.

Laborde had to leave work to drop his child off at school. And Laborde says this is not the first time it's happened, but the school district says their hands are tied. They already have a shortage of bus drivers, but especially Friday, with more than 10 percent of their drivers out sick.  

"Literally four of the last times he has ridden, he has come very, very late or gotten to school late or had to wait for a long for the bus to pick up either from home or from school...I think it's ridiculous that any child has to wait an hour and 45 minutes in 35 degree weather," says Laborde.

"We do have a bus driver shortage, we've had a bus driver shortage all year long and to complicate things even worse, we've got some flu going around so we're actually about seven drivers for this afternoon's run," says Michael Fletcher, the Assistant Superintendent of Business and Finance with Longview ISD.

Longview ISD says its procedure would normally be to call in substitutes for the drivers out sick, but right now they don't have any. By the way, the district is encouraging people to apply for those jobs.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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