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Teen Arrested In Connection To Ore City Terror Threat

         An East Texas student is arrested,  accused of making a serious threat to blow up his school. The target of the 17 year old high school student, Ore City School campuses in Upshur County.

   "It stunned me" said one Ore city resident.

       It was his fellow students, who apparently told ore city school administrators about a threat made on the web site Myspace. 17 year old Michael Lee Hickson is accused of threatening to blow up the school.

     "We contacted law enforcement because we thought that there was enough to this we were concerned and we were concerned about the safety of our students" said Ore City ISD  Superintendent Lynn Hefner.

      He was arrested Tuesday on a felony charge of terroristic threat. Investigators say they were disturbed by what they found when they searched the student's home.

    "Certainly there was a large amount of evidence recovered by the Upshur County Sheriffs Department which helps to prove that this person created these thoughts had these thoughts and intended to carry them out at some point" said Upshur County D.A. Billy Byrd.

     Described as a loner, in his room Hickson had a drawing of the school and details on how he would harm other students. There were pages from something called "The Satanic Bible", poetry, in which he wrote of cutting throats. And he had pictures on his wall of the Columbine shooters and Marilyn Manson.

   "Some of these threats date back a long time within the last year but we have threats within the last week" Byrd said.

    Parents of Ore City students were disturbed by the news.

   "It's the first I've heard of it I've got kids that go to school I'm surprised they didn't close the school down" said Ore City parent Crissy Neyhart.

   "Definitely a concern, and my wife is a teacher up there , so concern all around" said Ore City resident Wayne Buckner.

     Hickson's motivation? The reasons behind his anger at the school is still a mystery, but authorities believe they may very well have averted a tragedy.    

     Investigators have not disclosed whether Hickson had the means to make explosives.                 

     He remains in the Upshur County Jail on 250-thousand dollars bond.

     A computer from his home has also been seized.

     Bob Hallmark, Reporting bhallmark@kltv.com

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