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Doctors Addressing HPV Vaccine Questions

"Most moms that I've talked to after discussing the pros and cons of the vaccine would like their daughter to have it," says Melanie Wick, pediatrician for Trinity Clinic in Tyler.

It's not a surprising she says, especially when she's answering questions of how HPS is related to cervical cancer.

"There are hundreds of kinds of different HPV viruses. They cause normal everyday common warts, they cause genital warts, they cause cervical cancer. If they choose to get this vaccine for their daughters, they would be preventing 70% of the kinds of cervical cancer and 90% of genital warts," Wick says.

Wick also says the parents she's talked to are excited about the fact the vaccine prevents cervical cancer.

Add to that, the fact that so far the vaccine is proven to be safe.

"For these strains of the HPV virus that it covers it appears to be 100% effective after you've had three doses of vaccines," Wick explains.

That's where, if anything, some parents get turned off. Wick says the vaccine is not inexpensive.

"It's $120 a dose for three vaccines. That's $360 dollars a series," she says.

Wick also says a minor side effect is soreness or redness at the site of the injection.

But overall, the HPV mandate hasn't kept Wick from doing her job: keeping parents informed of any vaccine.

Wick adds, "Those are things pediatricians have to talk to parents about every day."

With the debate still on the table, it's likely the questions will keep coming.

Wick says she's finding parents do appreciate the fact they can opt-out of the vaccination.

Christine Nelson reporting.

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