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Mouthwash Helps Predict Breast Cancer Risk

Participating in the study begins with a lengthy questionnaire about your family's medical history. Then, a DNA sample is collected by rinsing your mouth out with a standard, scope-like mouth wash.

The sample is sent off to a lab in Oklahoma where 100 genes are checked for gene combinations shown to have a significant relationship to breast cancer. The results are used to categorize you as someone with a standard, moderate or high risk level for getting breast cancer.

Trinity Clinic Geneticist Dr. Kara Casas says,  "I would hope that even if you're at the standard risk that you would choose a healthy lifestyle and diet low in fat, avoid too much alcohol, get lots of exercise."

Those in the moderate or high risk category will be advised to make other lifestyle changes to help decrease their risk of getting the disease; things like regulating estrogen levels and mammography screening at an earlier age will hopefully lead to prevention and early detection which can save lives.

"I think we're going to see a big boom of this in the healthcare market in the next few years.  The company hopes to make products like this to help predict colon cancer and all sorts of different types of cancer," says Dr. Casas.

Casas says it's important to remember all women have some level of risk of developing breast cancer. Knowing what those risks are can help you better protect yourself and your future.

The company is offering the test for free for the next 60 days, or until 12,000 samples are collected for the FDA trial. There is still a charge for the appointment.

If you'd like to participate, call 903-510-1173.

Lindsay Wilcox, reporting,


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