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A Better East Texas: Smoking in Restaurants

There is another strong movement to ban smoking in restaurants. In fact there is even proposed legislation in the state capital to ban it in all public places. Proponents say second hand smoke is dangerous to public health. The New England Journal of Medicine says one would have to inhale 4,000 hours of second hand smoke to reach the equivalent of one cigarette.

Personally I detest inhaling someone else's smoke but the air inside a business belongs to the business. After all, if they didn't take the initiative and invest the time and money to get the business going the air you're breathing in their building wouldn't exist. I say let the consumers decide with their pocket book. If you don't spend your money at places that allow smoking then that will just allow an extra seat at the table for smokers as they commit mass suicide. Speaking of which, since our health costs increase as we get older smokers lifetime health costs are lower because they die before the rest of us.

The proposed legislation is just another example of the government trying to remove your right to decide as an individual.


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Hello Brad,

I applaud you for your editorial on the cigarette ban. I have quoted your information to many people and some are disputing it, saying it is not true. That doesn't bother me though, I still think you did good.

I am a smoker and I do suffer the indignities of being treated like a leper for it, but what I do not understand is this.

If cigarette smoking is SO bad, and SO dangerous, why doesn't the government simply pass a law making it illegal to manufacture, sell and buy them? Please answer me that? Why should we have 10,000 little laws about smoking when one would cover it all.

I would suffer, true enough, if this happened, but doesn't it make perfect sense? I know why it has not been done. The cigarette companies pay billions every year to the feds, to the health care systems and who knows what else. Nobody wants to give up those hefty payments, not even to safeguard the health of a nation. They would rather take the money and then badger, and belittle everyone who makes that money possible. Ridiculous!!

Another thing that just boggles my mind is, the little child who got up and spoke to the congress about smoking. A real tear jerker. But these same people in the house and senate don't have a problem with abortion??  It's okay to kill a child in the womb, but not smoke around them after they get here? More insanity.

The media darling, Mr. Obama even endorses partial birth abortions. Waiting until the seventh, eighth or even ninth month to kill the child.

I have seen (and have a copy of) "The Silent Scream".  A child being aborted with that vacuum cleaner hose. They sucked off his legs and arms and you could see the child trying to get away from the thing, struggling to escape. Then since the head could not fit into the hose, they crushed it and sucked out the pieces.  This is okay? But not smoking?

I could write you ten more pages on other atrocities such as illegal aliens getting breaks in their college tuition that legal citizens can't get. (why are they even allowed to go to college here if they are breaking the law by being here?????????)  Prisoners in the penitentary getting better health care for free, than we can get here WITH insurance.  We just saw a story about one man who got a heart transplant free, while my husband cannot even afford the prescriptions he's got.  The bottom line seems to be, it's better to be an illegal alien or convicted criminal (neither of whom contribute to the system)  in the United States, rather than a legal citizen.  Maybe you could do an editorial on that.

Maxine Harris

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