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Stick 'N Click: "Does It Work?"

If bigger is better, why do all the cool electronics seem to be getting smaller? iPods, cell phones...and it's amazing these days, how much light you can get from a little bitty bulb, like the bulbs we find in this week's "Does It Work?" product.  It's called the Stick 'N Click.  

"Quick and easy light anywhere," it says on the package. "Up to 100 hours of light on a single set of batteries," it claims. "No tools required."

Have you ever wanted to add some accent lighting, maybe under your kitchen cabinets, but you don't want to go to all the trouble of wiring the place? Well, the Stick 'N Click, might just solve your problem.

You get three lights in a package but no batteries. Each light takes 3 AAA batteries.

Pop off the backs and installation is a breeze.

When you're done, pull off the double stick tape backing and find a place that needs some light.

Our first install was under some kitchen cabinets.  Once in place, tap once to turn the tiny led light on, tap again to turn it off.

The led lights have a slight blue cast to them, but they are bright.

We used Stick 'N Click to light up trophies in a trophy case.  We put some at a workspace.  They really do solve small lighting problems without a major expense. We paid $9.99 for Stick 'N Click at CVS.  Target also carries them.

Joe Terrell, Reporting

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