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2/6/07-Smith County

Illegal Dumpsite Stretches 13 Acres

Thousands of tires, old cars and 55 gallon barrels are a just a few of the items found in a new trashing East Texas dumpsite.   Tuesday afternoon authorities went out to County Road 380 in Smith County to arrest a man they say has created a 13 acre illegal dumpsite.   The man, identified as Wilson Harvey, 56 was not at home when authorities arrived. Harvey's three acre land is trashed with buses, pieces of medal and old trailers. The dumpsite extends into neighboring land authorities say filling another ten acres. It's items like tires authorities say that make the dumpsite so dangerous.    

"The tires are breaking down and the oil that's in the tires are getting into the groundwater," said Smith County Constable John Smith, Precinct 4. "The battery acid, the rust off the vehicles, the paint, some of that is lead based paint and it's getting into the well water."   Constable Smith says Harvey either let people dump trash on his land or did the dumping himself. Harvey faces illegal dumping charges.

Molly Reuter, reporting.


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