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Local Man Covers Super Bowl XLI

Hawkins High School history teacher Jason Boyd had one of the best seats in the house for Super Bowl XLI.

He and his 16 year old daughter, who shoots for the Big Sandy-Hawkins Journal landed media credentials to bring the story back to Lovie Smith's hometown. Then, they found out his daughter couldn't go because she's underage.

"I thought that it was over. I'm not going without her. She's done all the work. I thought it was over. Then, Sunday came, Monday came, and she said 'Dad, you need to go. This is your chance," says Jason.

So there he was, just days later, in the middle of one of the biggest media frenzies in the world.

I'm right there by Phil Simms as he walks by me trying to get into the dressing room. Then, Andrea Kramer, she's trying to get up in there and get her interviews. I have my Big Sandy credentials. They have theirESPN credentials, and we're on the same level," says Boyd.

Just like the more experienced reporters, Boyd knew he needed to get the story.

"Coach Smith walks right down by me. I thought 'this is my chance.' I have my Big Sandy shirt on. I said, 'Coach Smith, Big Sandy paper. He goes, 'Hey, how you doing?'  I tried to have an educated question. I was like, 'When did you realize you were a role model?'  And he says, 'I always wanted to be a role model, even before I knew the meaning of the word.  I always wanted to be one.'

Boyd says the only way the experience could have been better was if the Bears had pulled off a win. There's always next year, but if Lovie makes a repeat appearance Jason says he's pretty sure the paper's owner will make the trip.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: lwilcox@kltv.com


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