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Arrest In Winnsboro On Abduction Case

      Two east Texas teenagers will hopefully be sleeping a little better tonight, after the arrest yesterday of the man, accused of trying to abduct them in Winnsboro.  39 year old Danny Conner of Quitman was taken into custody by Winnsboro police Thursday. The attempted abduction took place Wednesday morning as the two girls were walking to school in the 200 block of Cedar street in Winnsboro.

    "It's placed in every memory now. I just can't think about it; I couldn't sleep. It's just there" says Angela Hogeda.

     11 year old Angela was one of the two girls who narrowly escaped abduction as they were walking to school Wednesday morning. The suspect, 39 year old Conner is also a registered sex offender, and was arrested by police Thursday, to the families' relief.

     "I am very relieved. I feel safe; I feel like my children are safe, we could sleep at night now" says Angela's mother Jean Hogeda.

     "We were concerned that it would happen again this guy would go out and find some other child and possibly harm them" said Joe Haney, the father of the other girl.

      Angela loves to write, and is being credited with her attention to detail that gave police a good description of Conner.

      "Well, I was glad because you know, it's like, he , I kind of saved a life because he could have got somebody else" says Angela.

      But Conner's arrest had parents doing some research on their own, and disturbed at finding numerous registered sex offenders living in their area.

      "I know there are eight within a mile radius of the school my daughter goes to,  and that terrifies me, because half of them are between my house and that school" says Jean.

      Ultimately they're glad the fear of a predator lurking over their area is gone.

   "Yes, I look at everything in a new perspective" says Angela.  

    The investigation into this case continues. Winnsboro police are now trying to determine if anyone else was involved in the incident. Bob Hallmark/

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