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One Arrested In Sulphur Springs Tampering Case

     A disturbing arrest in Hopkins county, as the operator of an East Texas DNA and drug test lab is accused of giving fake test results to truck drivers, in exchange for drugs. On Wednesday, police shut down the lab on Church street in Sulphur Springs.    Narcotics officers were tipped off the independent DNA-drug testing lab this week, where the lab operator was arrested.

    "She had falsified a drug test on a person that was sent buy an employer to take a drug test because he drove a truck.   In exchange for the drug test to give a negative result there was going to be an exchange of narcotics" said Sulphur Springs police chief Jim Bayuk.

     43 year old Roeena Willingham Jones, who had run the business for a year and a half, is charged with drug possession and tampering with government documents. Investigators say Jones was certified with Tex-dot to document the tests, but changed test results in exchange for meth-amphetamine. Those who worked near her were astounded.

   "Very upset, because what kind of people are coming into our building, sometimes we're here at night and that's very upsetting" said Sharon Sloane, who works near the lab office.

      The main focus for law enforcement in sulphur springs now is to find out how long Jones was at this , and how many possible truck drivers are involved.

 "My first thought is we can't have somebody driving down the road in an 80-thousand pound vehicle under the influence of narcotics. It impacts everybody who's driving on our roadways, whether its Texas , Louisiana, Oklahoma or Arkansas" Bayuk said.

      Investigators fear it may only be the tip of the iceberg.

 "Where can this lead to? don't know right now if this has been going on for a long period of time, don't know what company's used this site" said Bayuk.

    "Basically she's taking a chance on somebody killing somebody else, there's no excuse for that" said Sloane.

    Jones is free after posting bond.  She did not return our calls today.

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