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2/2/07-Sulphur Springs

Uncertain How Many People Affected In Drug Test Lab Bust

The Hopkins Country Sheriff's Department, the Sulphur Springs Police Department, and the District Attorney say none of them used this particular drug testing lab.   The District Attorney says, at this time, there's only evidence to show that several truck drivers were those involved in the exchange. And right now, they don't know if any other type of test results are in jeopardy or exactly how many people, especially truck drivers, benefited from the false tests.

"Because of the state and federal regulations on commercial truck drivers we think mostly it's that, because it's kind of where these operations gain most of their clientele," say Hopkins County District Attorney Martin Braddy.

"It is very unfair, for the people who are trying to do the right thing...you don't want anybody out there driving that is potentially under the influence of alcohol or drugs, in a car it's deadly enough but in a tracker trailer rig, it's even more dangerous," says Sherrie France, Operations Manager for R.L. Wright Trucking Company.

The District Attorney says that meth seems to be the drug of choice for some of these truck drivers because it's conducive to a job that allows them to stay up for long periods of time.      

Investigators say they're next step identifying each test that could have been false and track down those individuals, who may face charges.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: tracy@kltv.com

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