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East Texas Ads Could Be The Talker Super Bowl Sunday

cue:creative's starting five...

Partner Scott Frazier a.k.a. The Talker: "Our job with the Super Bowl is to make sure that the water utility system is upheld properly so nobody walks away during the commercial breaks," he says.

Creative Director Eric Radde: "We live for the pressure!," he says.

Patrick West a.k.a. The Professor: "I'm not worried about the national guys, I want the national guys to worry about us," he says.

Media Director Ron Stafford: "Everybody knows when there's Super Bowl parties at my house, you don't talk during the commercials, talk all you want during the game," he declares.

Their Super Bowl 2007 clients are Tyler Ford, DeHaven Eye Clinic and Hospice of East Texas.

"We will sit down and will develop a script, then develop a storyboard," West explains.

For Tyler Ford's ad, expect a good dose of humor with a tailgating theme.

"It makes it kind of interesting because tailgating is banned in Miami at the Super Bowl. It makes [the Tyler Ford ad] even funnier when you get to the punch line," explains Radde.

The DeHaven Eye Clinic ad will have you seeing your eye doctor in a whole new light.

West adds, "They make such an impact in people's lives that people recognize them daily, so we decided to have a little fun with that."

And then there's Hospice of East Texas.

"It's very heartfelt, very warm, creative work. But at the same time it's going to give people a reason to talk about it," says West.

"So if people are talking the next day then we've accomplished our job," says Stafford.

As for seeing the ads ahead of time? Like the rest of East Texas, we'll just have to wait until Sunday night.

Local businesses who advertise during the Super Bowl do not have to pay the two plus million dollars for an ad because it's a local ad.

But Cue:Creative says it's still an investment.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com

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