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02/02/07 - Houston, Texas

Two Shot In Houston Road Rage Incident

Police are searching for a gunman who opened fire on a van with children on board in an apparent road rage incident. A 19-year-old female and a five-year-old boy were hit.

It happened around 9:30pm Thursday at Scott and Wheeler. The driver of the minivan says he stopped at a light and there was a blue Ford Taurus beside him. When they went through the intersection the Ford Taurus driver couldn't get around the van and that is when that driver apparently got upset and started following the minivan driver.

The driver of the minivan stopped at the next intersection and got out of his vehicle and asked the driver of the car to stop following him and stop driving so aggressively. That's when shots were fired.

"When I got to my car, he let me shut my door," said the victim. "And when I put it in drive to get ready to leave and by the time we got to the old folks home -- all of the sudden...boom boom boom, 10 bullets flew throughout the car."

The driver of the minivan driver had just told two kids in the back to lie down because they were tired. He says if they were sitting up right they might not be here today.

A 19-year-old female was grazed by a bullet and a five-year-old boy was hit under his arm. Both were taken to the hospital where they are expected to recover.

Police are looking for a dark blue Ford Taurus. They believe there were at least three men in the car.

Story courtesy of KTRK - Houston.

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