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Soldier's Dogs Missing, Right Out Of Front Yard

A mother is pleading for your help after she says her son's two dogs were stolen right out of their front yard. Her son, Private Arnold Gonzales II has been in Iraq since August, but he's befriended one of the dogs since he was three years old.  And his aren't the only ones missing from the neighborhood either.

 Anna Gonzales says when she let her son's two schnauzers outside Wednesday, they never came back.  

"Obviously a dog can't open it [the front gate] and they don't ever leave the yard," she says.

Anna's yard is completely fenced in, so when she came out and saw the front gate open, she knew someone had taken them.

Holly and Sergeant Airborne belonged to Anna's son, Arnold, currently serving in Iraq.

"He would call and not just talk to us, but find out how his babies were doing and to tell him this morning that his puppy was gone was just it was too hard."

Sarge was just a puppy, given to Arnold from a breeder as a "thank you" for serving our country. But Holly he's had for the past 18 years.   

"Whenever their Daddy called and I put him on speaker phone, they both would just perk up. They knew their Daddy's voice."

The neighborhood was all quiet Thursday, not a sound of barking because Anna says not only have her dogs wound up missing, but other dogs in the neighborhood are gone too. 

"Four dogs missing in 24 hours, in just a triangle area that's too big of a coincidence," she says.

She's hoping the person responsible will come forward.   

"If you have a heart, think this is for a soldier, it's not me, it's a soldier, one of our boys..." who just wants man's best friend home when he comes home.

Anna Gonzales says earlier Thursday they did find their dog Holly dead about two miles away from their home.  She says she still doesn't understand why anyone would want to take them or let them out. If you have any information, contact the Longview Police Department.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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