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Fans Swamp Big Sandy With Calls

   A small east Texas town swamped with phone calls, as people from all over the country are focusing on Chicago bears coach Lovie Smith's hometown. It's all people in Big Sandy can talk about, Lovie Smith and the super bowl. And that has thousands of phone calls flooding city offices.

    "From New York, we've had calls from Los Angeles all over, wanting to know if we have anything for sale, football t-shirts" said city clerk Lucretia lamb.

    "The phone rings and you never know what's on the other end but their interested in what's going on here" says Big Sandy mayor Sonny Parsons.

    They call for any little piece of Lovie trivia. Even home phones are ringing off the hooks.

    "Home phone yes, people calling me at home. People calling from new York wanting t-shirts you never know what the next call might be" Parsons says.

     Many never expected this kind of attention.

    "We've had a few phone calls and a few interviews and a lot of cameramen. Somebody just called and asked is he here" said chamber of commerce member Susan Hubbard.

     And the party's just getting started in Big Sandy. The city will hold a Lovie pep rally downtown, at 4 o'clock on super bowl Sunday. That will be followed by watching the game at a city-wide super party at the big sandy Church of God downtown.

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