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9 Longview Restaurants At The Top Of Heap With Inspectors

        9 Longview area restaurants were singled out for excellence in the latest round of inspections by the Longview Health Department, and 3 were given perfect scores. Topping the list was McDonald's at 128 West Loop 281. Inspected January 16th, they had no violations and perfectly clean conditions. They scored a perfect A.

      Inspected January 19th, Long John Silvers at 209 West Loop 281 had spotlessly clean conditions and no violations, they scored a perfect A.

    Taco Bell at 1903 West Loop 281 was inspected January 26th, and found to have clean conditions and no violations. They scored a perfect A.

    Others on the A list. Arby's at 1025 McCann Road, one violation, score: A.  Crafter's Kitchen at 116 West Tyler Street, one violation, score: A.  Cici's Pizza at 2503 Judson Road, one violation, score: A.  Chuck E Cheeses at 312 Northwest Loop 281, one violation, score: A.

    Bodacious Bar-B-Que at 2227 South Mobberly Avenue, one violation, score: A.  McDonald's at 408 East Marshall Avenue, one violation, score: A.  All reports are provided by the Longview environmental health department.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting bhallmark@kltv.com

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