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A Better East Texas: Love For Lovie Smith

Lovie Smith Lovie Smith

There has been a lot of media attention given lately to the two black head coaches in this year's super bowl. But there is one thing Lovie Smith brings to the table that's most deserving of the national spotlight....his character.

Someone that went to high school with him told KLTV's Maya Golden that even then he was a, "Do-righter, not a do-gooder, but a do-righter". And there is a difference. He has always been honorable and done the right thing, like this season sticking with Rex Grossman when fans and the media were pressing for a quarterback change. Not even Bill Parcels stuck to his guns about that subject.

Also, Lovie has been called an excellent role model by everyone. His calm demeanor and straight forwardness has ALWAYS been his manner. He credits that to his family, especially his father, as well as his coaches.

The most striking thing about he and Tony Dungy was summed up best on ESPN's Sportscenter this week. They said yes, both are black coaches changing sports history, but they are also the best coaches, and the best spokesman for the league.

And since Lovie Smith is from Big Sandy we can say that representatives like him on the national stage make this a better east Texas.

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