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Family Wants Answers In Shooting Of Their Loved One

The family of Abel Jaimes Benitez say they want answers and they want them now.  Benitez was the 21-year-old shot by a Gregg County Sheriff's Deputy New Year's Eve. Wednesday, the Benitez family and their attorney held a press conference, demanding justice be served.

"Today we are asking some pointed questions to the Sheriff of Gregg County, we want to know where is the videotape from Roy Nixon's police car the night Abel Jaimes was shot?" says Domingo Garcia, the family's attorney.

Family members of Abel Jaimes Benitez are hoping that video tape can give them answers as to why he was shot this past New Year's Eve. 

"Since we have not received those answers despite repeated requests to the Sheriff of Gregg County, we have also sent today a letter to the FBI asking for an independent investigation of the shooting of Abel Jaimes," Garcia says.

The family is also considering filing a lawsuit for violations of Benitez's civil rights.

"We don't know nothing about him so we want to know the truth," says Brenda Benitez, Abel's aunt.

"He [Armando Jaimes] would also like to know how he died, why they shot him, if he was shot more than once, and what were his last words after he was shot," says a translator for Armando Jaimes, Abel's brother.

KLTV also requested the dashcam video from Deputy Nixon's car, but were mailed a letter from the District Attorney's office, saying they're going to ask for an exception from the U.S. Attorney General.

"The fact that they have failed to release it, indicates to me that they have something to hide," says Garcia.

The family's attorney says the only document released states no weapons were found on Benitez's body, giving them all the more reason to believe he was wrongfully killed.

"The family wants justice and they want to know the truth and I think anybody who's brother or who's nephew or who's son was killed would want to know what happened," Garcia says.

KLTV tried to contact Gregg County Sheriff Maxey Cerliano for a comment, but our phone calls were not returned.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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