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Attempted Child Abduction In Winnsboro

   Another report of an attempted abduction Wednesday, this time in Winnsboro. There have been two reports in Tyler over the past two weeks. It happened in northern Wood county in Winnsboro. Police say around the 200 block of Cedar street two young girls were walking to school when they were approached by a white male who apparently tried to abduct them.  Winnsboro school parents and children are shaken.

   "Your first thought is I've got to get to my baby , did she do the right thing have I taught her what to do" said Jean Hodega, mother of one of the girls.

    "You hear about these kids being abducted and never seen again and that's what's frightening me is my babies are my world" said the father of the other girl, Joe Haney.

      Around 7 Wednesday morning two girls, one 11 the other one, 12 saw a red car u-turn and come toward them. The two girls were walking down a stretch of Cedar street on their way to school when the car approached and the driver tried to get them to get in the car.

   "He asked them if they needed a ride they said no started to run" said Winnsboro police chief Jimmy Miller.

     When the girls got to the middle school, they immediately told their teachers what happened. Many, including school officials can't remember anything like this ever happening.

    "I think in small towns you always think it won't happen here it's a small town, we're not immune to anything anymore" said Memorial middle school principal Nan Saucier.

    The parents of the girls are both angry and fearful.

    "Relief that she's ok, but fear that somebody is actually out there doing that to our children" said Hogeda.

     Now they want police to find the man responsible.

    "He's still out there. The way my daughter put it to me was I'm very scared anxious about whether the guy was going to be out there anymore, I a town like this you don't expect that" says Haney.

   The girls describe the man as a white male in his twenties, with a skinny build, and balding. They say he was wearing a white T-shirt and white jeans. They also say his hands were dirty. He was driving a red Camaro with black trim, and the left brake light is out.    Investigators believe that the dirty hands may mean the suspect is a laborer or a possibly a mechanic. Call Winnsboro police if you have any information.

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