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East Texans Remember Barbaro

The Kentucky Derby Champion, Barbaro captured the nations attention the last 8 months during his fight to recover from a broken leg. It seamed their was hope but complications left the medical team no other option but to put the racehorse down.  East Texans were among those hoping for a remarkable recovery.

"I was very sad because I am a horse lover," says Jennifer Hatchett of Jacksonville.

"I cried.  I think a lot of people did.... it was almost like having my own pet, it hurt," says Jack Essex of Yantis.

Thousands of fans sent flowers, posters and cards hoping Barbaro would recover.  But, local Veterinarian Dr. Will Hadden of Gresham Veterinary Hospital says the injury Barbaro sustained is fatal for horses.

"It really has to do with the size of the animal. These animals are huge, they will weigh 1,000 or 1,200 pounds.  That weight make it hard to stabilize those bone fractures and hold them still long enough for healing to occur," says Dr. Hadden.

Horse owner, Lori Motlagh says she understands the pain of putting a horse to sleep.

"We kept my horse as comfortable as we could.  Then I knew the humane thing to do was to put her down," says Lori.

Dr. Hadden says with technology advances Barbaro's bone was able to heal but not without causing other complications.

"What lead to Barbaro's demise was him throwing his weight onto the remaining good legs. That lead to laminitis - inflammation of the tissue that holds the bone in place under the hoof -and with that inflammation that tissue broke down and separated.  The bone rotates and that's a very painful thing for the horse," says Dr. Hadden.

Officials from the Kentucky Derby Museum say they would be honored if Barbaro would be buried in the garden along with four other derby winners. However, Barbaro's owners have not yet made a decision on where Barbaro will be buried.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.  kdavis@kltv.com


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