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Jinxed? Love Smith's Family Hopes To Break Bad Luck Streak

They are packing their bags, loading up the car and announcing their trip to all of East Texas. Lovie Smith's family is going to the Super Bowl.

But Bears fans, there is a little cause for concern.

"Everytime we attend a game at Soldier Field, the Bears don't come out on top," said Lovie's sister, Martha Lemmons.

In fact in three years as head coach of the Bears, Lovie has never won a home game with his family in attendance. That included this seasons shocking loss to underdog Miami and the NFC Divisional Playoff game in 2006.

"When we attended the last playoff game, that settled it for us, that any important game we better not attend," Martha said of the loss to the Carolina Panthers. "That is why we did not attend the Saints game."

But, the Super Bowl is in Miami. No problem right? Well, for the big game the Bears will be considered the home team.

"The way it works, as long as the game is not at Soldier Field, then they'll win it," Martha said. "So, it should be fine in Miami. No problem."

Of course, not even a streak of bad luck or wild horses could keep the Smith family from being a part of Lovie's special day. Proud just does not describe how the family felt when their brother punched a ticket to the Super Bowl.

"I'm surprised we still have a floor," Martha said, "because everytime the Bears did anything, or where ever you were sitting, where ever you were, there was just a lot of stomping and cheering. Sandra my oldest sister would run outside and would say 'yay, Bears' and start honking the horn."

"I tell you, I ran through this house so many times, I don't know if I had my eyes closed or shut," Chris Gray, another of Lovie's sisters said.

Despite what some are calling "The Smith Family Curse," little and big sister will be in the stands this Sunday.
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