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East Texas Women Speak On 67 Year Old Mom

She wanted children desperately, so she sold her house to pay for 60,000 dollars worth of fertility treatments.   But, how the 67-year-old mother did it is most startling.  The retired department store employee from Spain, Carmela Bousada, gave birth to twins. She says she lied to doctors at a Los Angeles fertility clinic, telling them she was 55 years old, the cut-off age for single women to get fertility treatments. Carmela, of course, was 12 years older than that. But last year, she was implanted with donor sperm and a donor egg.

"Maybe things shouldn't have been done in the way they were done," she says, "but that was the only way to achieve the thing I have always dreamed of and I did it." 

Carmela's fertility doctor in California says he was provided with false information about her age and would never have knowingly treated a single woman over 55. 

We wanted to know what East Texas women thought about this oldest new mother, especially some who will soon be expecting some of their own little ones. This is what some had to say: 

"I don't think that's good because at 67 you can't run after a small child, you can't adequately keep the pace for a small child, I don't think it's good," says Wealthy Nesbitt.

"I think it's crazy because she's 67 years old, two twins, how in the world is she going to do that all night," says Ruth O'Neal, an expecting mother.

"If she didn't have children and that's what she wanted, then I think it was fine, if that was the only way that she could do it," says Linda Colcord.

"She's got a lot on her hands, it's sounds kind of crazy to me, I'm just having one and I know I'm going to have my hands full, but being of that age, she's got a lot ahead of her," says Hillary Jones, also an expecting mother.

"I guess she wanted to be a mom, I don't agree with it..." adds Wealthy.

"She won't get to enjoy them like a lot of the younger mothers do, but I don't see anything wrong with that either," explains Linda.

"Whenever they're older, she's just not going to be there so who's going to take the responsibility of it?" questions Ruth.

"I think that says a lot about her character and I think ethically and morally she shouldn't have done that," adds Hillary. "They have a limit for a reason so I think for the kids safety and so forth she should've stopped and you know not lied about it."

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