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Rusk County Soldier Treated To Late Christmas

An East Texas family holds a belated holiday for and East Texas soldier back home with his wife and son.   Eric Bondurant, 3, is still singing Christmas carols at his grandparents Lake Cherokee home.  That's because it's still Christmas at the Bondurant house.

"It's actually the first Christmas where he realizes what it is what presents are and who Santa Claus is," said Eric's mother Mary Anne Bondurant.

Army staff Sgt. Charles Bondurant wasn't able to get leave from his post in Iraq until January. So his family held Christmas for him.  "I was just wondering how they were doing it, how are they holding Eric back from all his presents, that's got to be hard," said Charles.

The family did everything they could to keep Eric happy and in the spirit, for his biggest present: his dad coming home. Charles wife and parents kept Eric singing carols.  "Over and over everywhere they'd go they had Christmas carols.  He sang over and over.  He knows all the Christmas carols now," said Charles' father, Terry Bondurant.

On his second tour in Iraq, bondurant says this is a very memorable Christmas.  "Being here to celebrate it with him and my wife its something you never forget," said Charles.

The presents seem secondary, because the Bondurant's have so much more.  "It's just an awesome feeling to have him here and to experience that," said his wife Mary Anne.

Sergeant Bondurant will be returning to his unit in Iraq on Friday, to finish an eight month tour.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.



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