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Students Visiting LeTourneau U. Build Blimps To Race

More than 100 high schools students from across the country came to LeTourneau University to check out the school and have a little fun doing it.   The students built hand-made, remote-controlled blimps out of just paper, scissors, balloons and a motor kit. They later raced the blimps to see who's could fly the fastest. The winning team came in at 42 seconds to cross the finish line.      

Matthew Rakestraw from Tallahassee, Florida says,"we're trying to make it fast which means we try to use the least amount of materials possible so it's not too weighed down, but at the same time we don't want to sacrifice speed."

Matthew Bennett from Beaverton, Oregon says, "building stuff has kind of taught me how to figure out balances and stuff like that but I haven't really had any schooling in it yet so that's why I'm looking at LeTourneau."

The University says every year they do a different engineering project with prospective students, but they this year's blimp-building exercise was so successful, they may do it again next year.

Tracy Watler, Reporting

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