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Save Money On Your Electric Bill

Some simple home improvements, can have you saving money on your next electric bill. TXU jump started their energy efficient campaign by donating $7,000 to the Greater East Texas Community Action Program.  The program benefits East Texans in need. Along with the monetary donation, TXU also gave away 100 energy efficiency kits.  

"It's awful.  My light bill was so high," says 80 year old Dan Lacy of Tyler.

He says his utility bills has been as high as $800 for his house that's about 1,000 square feet.

"That light bill will take up that social security check real quick," says Dan.

He says there are several problem areas in his home.

"The air coming in underneath the doors," says Dan.

First step: TXU weather stripped his door.   Next: the company made some improvements for the hot, summer months.

"We have installed storm doors and some ceiling fans for Mr. Lacy.  He didn't have any air circulating so in the summer it got really warm in this room.  You not only need the air conditioning but also the circulation inside the home," says Sophia Stoller, TXU Spokesperson.

Some of the items used on Dan's home came from TXU's energy kit.

"It's simple things that everyone can do.  Changing out their light bulbs to fluorescence light bulbs, adding gaskets that you put behind the electrical outlets, caulking glue to seal around their windows and doors.  They can save a lot of money, 20% of savings is what we have estimated," says Stoller.

A savings that Dan can't wait to see.

"I hope this will knock it down some," says Dan.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.


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