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ETALA Announces Winners Of 3rd Annual Middle School Essay




            East Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse (ETALA) today announced the winners of its third annual essay contest for area sixth and seventh graders.  Students from both grades who penned the top two essays about "personal responsibility" will receive $500 or $100 savings bonds, respectively.  The board of East Texans Against Law Abuse judged the essays.

            The 2006 winners in the 6th grade division are first place Megan McNaney of Pine Tree Middle School.  Runner up in their division is Bradley Upchurch of Christian Heritage School.  The winning essay in the 7th grade division goes to Cassie Weaver of Pine Tree Middle School 7th and the runner up is Emily Smith of Hallsville Junior High.

"These students have grown up in our lawsuit happy society, yet clearly grasp the importance of personal responsibility," said ETALA Executive Director Diane Davis.  "It is encouraging that our youth understand why it's important to take ownership of their behavior and how they exercise that practice in everyday life."

            Participating students answered one of three essay questions: "What happens when we do not take personal responsibility?"  "Why do we need personal responsibility?" and "How do you take personal responsibility in your own life?"

            ETALA's essay contest is part of an on-going public awareness effort on the need for personal responsibility.

            "It's never too early to reinforce the concept of personal responsibility, especially since the young people of today can help stomp out lawsuit abuse in the future," Davis said.  "We hope to teach our children about the importance of accepting responsibility and resisting the urge to play the ‘blame game' every time things don't go their way."

ETALA is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, grassroots, public education organization dedicated to serving as a watchdog over the legal system and those who would seek to abuse it for undeserved gain.  ETALA strives to raise awareness of the costs and consequences of lawsuit abuse.

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