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No Green Light Yet For Red Light Cameras

Red-light runners in Longview: Beware. The city is going to install surveillance cameras but it's taking more time than expected.   Last October the Longview City Council approved a proposal to put the cameras up at various intersections around the city. They were supposed to be installed this month, but now city officials say it won't happen until next month.

Sergeant Shaun Pendleton with the Longview Police Department says, "They're just trying to work out some final engineering problems. One of the intersections that we've currently got targeted is McCann and the Loop and that particular area is under construction right now; so they're just want to make sure where they erect the red light cameras. They won't have to come back later in a month or two and remove them because of construction."

The first three intersections to get the lights are: McCann Road and Loop 281, Fourth Street and Loop 281, and Marshall Avenue and Spur 63. The city has plans to install the cameras at two more intersections later on.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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