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Aggies & Longhorns Rivalry Takes A Serious Turn

The ongoing rivalry between Texas A&M Aggies and University of Texas Longhorns has taken a serious turn and is now headed to court.

The University of Texas in Austin has filed a suit against Aggieland Outfitters in College Station for their "Saw 'em off" logo.

The UT lawsuit states the logo, which includes a silhouette of a steer's head with its horns cut off, infringes on the longhorn trademark, causes confusion among consumers, and results in lost sales of UT branded products.

Aggieland Outfitters' owner Fadi Kalaouze owns the copyright to the logo and says he will fight to continue to sell the logo which is a well known parody of UT's longhorn symbol that is neither sponsored by nor promotes UT merchandise.

Aggieland Outfitters has set up a website ( to help fund their legal defense fund.

The University of Texas has not commented on the lawsuit.

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