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"Does It Work"-10/09/07

MXZ Pocket Saw: "Does It Work?"

The bigger the claim, the greater the chances are it gets put to the "Does It Work?" test.  If you've seen the commercials for the MXZ Pocket Saw, you may have wondered how it does all that.  The claims on the package are amazing.  It claims to cut through steel, iron, brick, cinder block, wood, copper, PVC and more. 

No saw blade teeth on the MXZ.  Instead, the makers have coated the cutting edge with, what they call a tungsten-carbide alloy.  It's like metal sandpaper.

PVC pipe is where we start our test.  And sure enough the MXZ cuts through the PVC in about 20 seconds.  Next, a piece of half-inch plywood.  Took a while, but the file-like saw cut through it.  We tried a piece of copper tubing next.  Copper's not all that hard, so the MXZ got through it in about 2 minutes.  The metal screw was significantly more difficult to penetrate.  I was getting the idea, the MXZ was losing some of it's abrasive tungsten-carbide cutting surface.

Finally, a big cinder block.  We tried for more than 20 minutes and barely made a dent.  It was like trying to cut our way out of Alcatraz with a nail file.  And when we were done, the tungsten carbide had taken a significant hit.  The blade was close to useless.  We did manage to get through the copper tubing again, but it took much, much longer than it did the first time.

I was impressed the blade never snapped off.  But the cutting edge just doesn't last long enough to "cut it."  "Does It Work?"  We give the MXZ Pocket Saw a "no."

We paid 15 dollars for the MXZ at Walgreen's.

It does carry a Lifetime Guarantee, but you have to pay 4.95 for shipping and handling.

Joe Terrell, Reporting

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