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2nd Graders Make Money And Give Back

Meet the kids of 2nd to None; a group of extraordinary 2nd graders who have formed their own business in hopes of making big bucks.

Company spokesperson Rebekah Hicks says, "We're making a 'Camp County Kids Calendar.'"

The students took out a $100 loan for start-up costs, complete with collateral. They purchased enough paper to make 100 calendars and hope to sell them for $5 dollars each, but they only have one more week to pull it all together.

Company spokesperson Cali Butler says, "It's stressing. It's stressing, but it's fun."

It's a project teacher Mary Ruth Townsend's class does every year in spite of the enormous amount of work it is.

"I hope they take away leadership skills, a better sense of confidence about themselves, a better sense of how to conduct themselves in public. I want them to understand that being a confident person will get you a long way in life," says Townsend.

The class hopes to make $400 from the calendars. Part of the money will be used to buy their class t-shirts. The rest will be used for a scholarship fund in memory of Dalton DeOrnellis' cousin, a former student of Townsend's who was killed in a plane crash three years ago.

"This year my class has decided to start a memorial scholarship fund in Shelby Lynne's name.  She was an amazing student, and outgoing herself. She was kind of the epitome of the spirit of this class, so it's just kind of fiitting," says Townsend.

It's a lesson in philanthropy and entrepreunership she hopes her students will never forget.

The class is having a calendar 'signing' next Wednesday from 5:30pm to 7:00pm in the Pittsburg Elementary School library if you'd like a copy.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: lwilcox@kltv.com


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