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7 On Your Side:Suspected Identity Theft Caught On Tape

Last month, Kenny Ragland and his band were performing at a wedding reception at the Hollytree Country Club in Tyler.

"My wife who came with me had to go back to the car to get something and left it open by accident," Kenny explains.

His wallet was stolen from inside the center console of his car, but it was his credit card that was taken for a joyride.

It began at the Dillard's in Tyler where more than $268 were charged at 8:25 p.m...that's not all.

Kenny adds, "Four minutes later he charged another $67 and some change at the same store, Dillard's."

Then 15 minutes later at the Champs in Tyler, another $218.65.

Surveillance video 7 On Your Side obtained shows the inside of Dillard's department store, the night of the fraudulent purchases.

The transactions were traced to this cash register, and police believe this is the man that fraudulently used Kenny's card there.

Police also believe he may have been teaming up with this man, wearing this backwards orange cap.

"It's a piece of evidence that normally we don't have in some situations," says Don Martin, Public Information Officer for the Tyler Police Department.

Even so, police say the surveillance is not proof that these men were at Hollytree and stole Kenny's wallet.

But Kenny contends had the stores asked for identification, maybe the person would have been caught.

"You hope that when doing your shopping there, you being loyal to them, they'll be loyal to you by checking everybody's identification on credit card purchases," says Kenny frustrated.

Thankfully, Kenny will not be held liable for the charges. But maybe someone will come forward to reveal the person or persons responsible for this criminal act.

If you recognize the two men in the surveillance, call Tyler police.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com

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