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Co-Workers Remember Woman Who Died In Apartment Fire

It was a devastating apartment fire that left several families homeless and killed a mother and her baby.   It happened Saturday morning at the Thomas Apartments in the 2000 block of Gilmer Road.   Co-workers of the woman say she was a loving mother who was just trying to make a living for her and her little boy.

Catfish Village waitress Carmen Miles had no idea Saturday morning she'd arrive to work with such a scene right across the street. But what shocked her most was finding out one of her co-workers died in that blaze.

"We stood here and watched the fire from like 7:30 to 9:30 watching them put it out and never knew that it was her over there...that day was really quiet here. It was a hard long day," says Carmen.

Jennifer Catherine Thompson, 33, had just been re-hired at Catfish Village as a drive- thru operator. She lived at the apartments with her 21-month-old son, Mason.

"She loved her baby, and she loved herself as well, all she wanted to do was making a living for her and her baby, that's all she ever talked about was taking care of her baby," Carmen says.

"I was very upset, you know, it's shocking to lose one of your really don't know what to think, it hits home when somebody loses a child," says Sheila Potter, who also works at Catfish Village.

Jennifer's co-workers say they'll never forget her constant smile.

"Everybody loved Jennifer. She was just nice and outgoing and she wanted to be every body's friend," Carmen says.

But they say it will also be just as hard to forget how she died.

"It's going to be different with her not being here, especially with that building being over there, we're going to always think about her not being here and what happened to her. She will be missed here that's for sure," says Sheila.

If you would like to help Jennifer's family during this time you can call: (903) 738-1555.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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