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A Better East Texas: Boys and Girls Club

Have you been guilty of judging today's youth sitting there in your easy chair? If you have, you need to hear about a local kid who went from being a problem child to self supporting.

While living in government housing Chrystal got in so much trouble that her parents first moved her and then sent her to boot camp. Neither brought results. Results came when a local organization got involved in her life. She said the defining moment for her was when the director of the organization invited her to visit his family at his home. While there, she saw something she had never seen in the 14 years she had been on this earth, life on the inside of a Caucasian family. Maybe not a big deal to you but to this young lady it led to a decision to start trusting a race of people she had learned not to trust.

Today Chrystal is an adult and gainfully employed.

You know, its easy to blame parents in a situation like this. But even if it's true there still may be hope for the kids. Help by doing what Chrystal did. Go to the Boys and Girls Club. Or even better yet send them a check.

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