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Victims Identified In Longview Apartment Fire

The identities of the victims killed in the early-morning fire at a Longview apartment section have been released. The blaze happened just after 6:00 a.m. yesterday at the Thomas Apartments in the 2000 block of Gilmer Rd. Investigators say an unattended stove was the cause of the blaze, which destroyed four apartments.   

All that is left now for resident Michael Goodman and his family is to try to see if any of his possessions can be saved.  "I was devastated.  I had to hear it from a friend.  I ran over here to find that he didn't come home the night of the fire," said Goodman's mother Judy.  "It eats you alive.  You can't go in there and say anything to make it right".

The fire spread so quickly.  There were only seconds to get out.  By chance, Goodman wasn't home at the time.  "It's tough.  I've had so much happen to me in a short time and now this," said Michael.

Jennifer Thompson, 33, and her 21-month-old son, Mason, never made it out of the apartment. Goodman's mother can only comfort her son.  "I'm trying to hug his neck and tell him that it's going to get better from here," Judy said.

Four apartments were destroyed. The Red Cross is working with the displaced families to help them rebuild their lives.

"It's Terrible for the people who lived here.  You have to be sympathetic and comforting and all of those things," said Longview Red Cross worker Barbara Farr.

The victim's bodies were sent to Tyler forensic labs for autopsy. If you would like to help the families, call the Longview chapter of the American Red Cross.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.



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