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1/20/07-Big Sandy

Boy Scout Competition

Some East Texas Boy Scouts are braving the cold weather this weekend for a camp out. Troops from Smith and Wood counties are competing in a district's greatest camporee. 

"We are out here camping and we will be competing in all different type of games," said 13-year-old J.B.

More than 40 Boy Scouts participated in the event, which is aimed at building teamwork.  "Well, first is to have fun. I mean that's what scouting is all about.  The boys will compete in a number of different activities.  Some are serious scout skills type things and other are just for fun... like a flap jack relay," said Smith & Wood County Boy Scouts District Commissioner Paul Williamson.

The flap jack relay is tossing a flap jack (in this case a piece of wood) in a skillet without letting it hit the ground. 

From the many activities there were to do, there was a favorite among most of the scouts.   "The BB gun shooting," said 11-year-old Chandler.

Once the boys were out of BBs, it was time to take down their targets and see how well they did. Twelve-year-old Cole proved to have a good aim.  "I got all 10 in my bulls eye," said Cole.  "I think I did pretty well, I got most of mine in the center two circles," said J.B.

Another competition the scouts got a shot at was archery. Each person gets ten tries to hit the center target.   Eleven-year-old Chandler was able to hit the target.  "I did pretty good," said Chandler.

At the end of the weekend, leaders hope these scouts learn skills they can take with in the future.  "You can come out here and you might get a little wet and might get a little cold but you will build self confidence that you can handle whatever life throws at you," said Williamson.

But for now, some of the boys are thinking about something else.  "Getting out of the cold rain," said J.B.

After all of the competitions are done, each team counts up their points and is able to bid on auction items. Some of auction items are fishing poles and other camping gear.

Karolyn Davis, Reporting.

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