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Two Longview Homes Catch Fire

         Don't go back into a burning home, that's the lesson Longview fire officials want you to get from two overnight fires. The first fire started in the laundry room of a home in the 11-hundred block of Baxley street. The second blaze, just before midnight, was at a home in the 700 block of Sheryl street. In both cases investigators say occupants went back into the homes.

     On Baxley street, investigators say a little girl went back inside to rescue her pet hamster. The little girl suffered minor injuries. On Sheryl, a male occupant went back in and doused the blaze with a fire extinguisher.

     "We stress to everyone to please, please , once you are alerted to get out of these houses , get out go to a neighbors house go to somewhere close by, find a cell phone dial 9-1-1 from there but do not go back into these houses once you discover there's a fire" said Longview fire investigator Mark Moore.

     Investigators are still looking into the causes of both fires. Bob Hallmark/

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