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No Animation Allowed On Electronic Signs In Tyler

Tyler businesses will not be able to have animation or flashing lights on its electronic signs. That is until the city decides to change the current sign ordinance.   New signs like the one Sonic on South Broadway has have caught the attention of some city officials. They say the new technology does not fit the city sign ordinance, and at times the signs can be distracting to drivers. Fifteen businesses in Tyler who's signs don't meet city code met with the city this morning.  

"We have been asked to abide by the ordinance the city has until we can come to a conclusion and move forward and hopefully bring the cities ordinance to a change, so we can use the new technology that's out there," said James Junkin, Sonic Representative. 

"It's more of a community standard," said Barbara Holly, Director of Planning for city of Tyler. "It's how the city of Tyler wants to look in the future, so it's less an issue of traffic safety and more on what does the community want it to be."  The city plans to meet with the businesses again next month and hopes to make the sign ordinance part of the Tyler 21 project.

Molly Reuter, reporting.


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