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Family Says Their Dog Was Randomly Shot In Front Yard

A heartbroken Kim Whisenhunt shows a photo of little Sandy; a dog her family rescued from the pound eight years ago when their youngest daughter, Murphy, was only one year old.

"She just looked at us, and she was all fuzzy.  She was little and cute, and we just thought she was perfect.  She slept with Murphy every night," says Kim.

When the family was watching television last night, they let Sandy out in the front yard like always, but this time, they say the unthinkable happened.

"Normally, she's already at the front door. She goes out, and then, she comes right back in.  I went out and called her, and she didn't come, and I said, 'This is very odd.  The kids threw their shoes and coats on, and we all went out together. Our neighbor said, 'I think I see your dog, and she's not moving.  Hayden went and picked her up, and we carried her in the house, and she was just limp," says Kim.

"I looked on the other side, and I thought, 'This looks like she might have been shot," says Kim.

The family believes the shooter was either walking or driving by and used a .22 or .25 caliber weapon to kill the dog. They are hanging flyers all over town asking for help in catching whoever is responsible.

"I just don't know why somebody would want to do it. She's a little family poodle.  It's just senseless, but I just don't think somebody that does something like this really cares that much, that it's hurting us and my kids," says Kim.

The family is offering a fifteen hundred dollar reward to anyone with information that leads to an arrest and conviction of whoever is responsible. If you know anything, please call 903-534-5138.

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