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Illegal Dumping Off Longview's Fisher Road

          A dumping ground is found in Gregg County possibly endangering a nearby community. Health officials made the discovery early Thursday off on an oil lease road, just outside of Longview south of Fisher road and west Harrison road.  Oil lease roads in East Texas have become an easy target for illegal dumping of every kind of trash.

    "We found an old refrigerator, at least it's magnetic and kids can't crawl in there and get suffocated" said Gregg county litter abatement officer Paul Root.

      The dumpsite was filled with old machinery, and unmarked buckets and barrels. They were inspected for leakage.

     "Well it has safety issues as it can be dangerous , a lot of this stuff is stacked up and can shift at any time. It also has water and can harbor mosquito's" Root said.

       And this one could contaminate the well water used by the nearby community of Garden Acres.

   "The fishers have always been environmentally concerned about their place, it's kind of surprised me that somebody's gone in and dumped on the place" said Garden Acres resident Ronald Jones.

     It's a fairly remote site and it's just outside the city limits of Longview, and for county officials for every one site that they find they're worried about the sites they haven't found. Officers found several leads as to who may have been dumping here recently

     "This has got to stop before anybody can get sick from any spillage or contamination" said Root.

  "What would really bother me is we're on the upstream from the Sabine river, if the well goes bad I may tie into the city of Longview" Jones said.

    Meanwhile residents now have to wait to find out if there is a problem with the water they use everyday. Health officers did take soil samples,  and sent them for analysis. At this point they don't believe the Garden Acres water supply has been contaminated.

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