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Tyler Area Remained Accident-Free Despite Nasty Weather

Hannah Moore (photo by: Matt Moore) Hannah Moore (photo by: Matt Moore)
photo by: Sarah Bohannan photo by: Sarah Bohannan

"I'm not going out in this weather today..it's too dangerous," says Tyler resident Mike Dobrovolsky.

It was a day when those with a 9 to 5 could get away with playing hookie.

"Most of my customers are probably smart enough to be closed today or inviting their customers to stay home also," says Dobrovolsky.

But those who had to leave the ice couldn't melt off their cars fast enough.

"It's icy," says Tyler resident Jarell Duffey about the ice on his truck. "Covered in ice. It's the first time it's been cranked up this week though."

The messy conditions were enough for some places to close for the day. For others it was business as usual.

"We're in no rush to where we gotta go," says Greyhound bus driver Don Fleming to his passenger. "Just sit back and relax and I'm going to get you there but I'm just going to take my time!"

Darrell Poston fixes heaters, telling KLTV 7 what people are calling saying. "HELP! The furnace don't work or the electric heat filter is out," he says.

Tyler school kids had no complaints today.

"I went in and told my mom at like 6 this morning that we were out and she didn't believe us," says TISD student Kayla Anderson. "So we turned to KLTV and she saw it and she was like, 'okay I don't go to work either!'"

Her brother Justin adds, "I just slept for like three more hours then we came outside."

Those traveling by air hopefully packed some patience in their luggage.

"I was trying to get an earlier flight out and they told me they were all canceled," says Marvin Parks trying to fly to St. Louis, Missouri.

By the afternoon flights at Tyler Pounds Regional Airport were only delayed.

On the ground, more people heeded the warnings of traveling Wednesday, leading to no accidents in the Tyler area.

It makes no news...good news.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com

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