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Weather Problems Close Doors On East Texas Businesses

     In Upshur County, rising flood waters, ice and freezing rain posed several problems, mainly from local businesses. In the Gilmer area, stores, the ones that were open, saw very little business. Rising flood water swamped a van when an area creek overran an oil lease road. He biggest effect the weather had, was on commerce, many businesses closed down rather than stay open for sparse shoppers.

      "It's just slowed our business down a lot of people are staying home because of the weather or their shutting their business down" said Gotta Java Coffee Shop employee Deonna Melton.

      "Some people are not getting their loans today due to their own desire or some of the companies we deal with have shut down and can't get us the necessary paperwork so it is having a large effect on our business" said Upshur County Title Company employee Cindy Kirkindoll.

        Surprisingly, very few accidents have been reported in Upshur County over the icy two day period.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting 

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