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Woman Once Believed Missing Contacts Family

      A Mount Pleasant woman who mysteriously disappeared after a trip to Florida, has contacted her family. 28 year old Linda Hooper left over 2 weeks before Christmas, and is now telling her family she wants to start a new life , without them, or her 4 children. On December 8th, Linda left to visit a man in Saint Petersburg, Florida that she had reportedly met through a single parents chat room.  

      She called KLTV and her family today to say she was alright and has decided to begin a new life in Tennessee. She was officially listed as a missing person by Saint Petersburg Police, but her decision to live elsewhere has left her family angry, and not knowing what to say to her children.

      "I hear from her kids, am I to blame? these are the questions we hear, is it my fault that Momma left? did I do something wrong? how do you answer a 5 year old with that question? this particular incident is out of the blue , no one expected it from her" said Linda's father , John Hooper.

      Hooper has not said what, if anything, she will do about her 4 children she's left in East Texas.     Her family is now in the process of trying to gain legal custody of the children.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting bhallmark@kltv.com

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