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1/17/07-Rusk County

Drivers Face Slick Roads In Rusk County

Drivers in Rusk County faced some slick roads this morning.  The sleet in Mount Enterprise this morning forced TxDOT crews to sand bridges and intersections over and over again.  

"It's pretty bad," said Karo Johnson, Truck Driver. "If I didn't have to be out here I wouldn't be out here today."  Roads were fairly clear as TxDOT crews sanded the roads, but ice did begin forming on the sides of the roads.

"It's just scary," said Brittany Moore. Brittany Moore was traveling back to school in Nacogdoches when she slid into the ditch.  

"My windshield wipers fogged up so bad and they are iced over, and I hit a patch of ice, and I started sliding, and I slid off and the next thing I knew is I stopped and I'm here," said Moore. It was a scary situation, that Moore says fortunately was not worse. Both the Rusk County Sheriff's Department and the Henderson Police Department say no major accidents have been reported.

Molly Reuter, reporting.


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