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Kendall Hunter Gets Surprise Honor From The Tyler Rose

John Tyler running back Kendall Hunter ended his high school football career with one very incredible accomplishment, breaking JT's career rushing record, held by the great Earl Campbell. Today, Hunter received the surprise of his life when the Tyler Rose himself showed up in Tyler to honor him.  In a surprise meeting between Hunter and Campbell on David Smoak's Sports Talk Show on KTBB radio, Campbell presented Hunter with an autographed Texas Longhorns jersey.

"On behalf of the University of Texas and John Tyler and your teammates you played with," Campbell said to Hunter, "I'd like to present you with this number 20, so if you break those 4,444 yards, I guess I'll present you with a number 34."

Campbell was referring to his number 34 Houston Oilers jersey. The UT jersey was actuall presented to John Tyler high school in Hunter's honor.  Afterwards, Hunter was nearly speechless concerning the surprise event.

"I knew it was going to be an interview, whatever it was," Hunter said, referring to the request to visit Smoak's radio show.  "As soon as I walked in the room I saw Earl Campbell.   It kind of shocked me.   It's very special and motivating for the next level."

"By Kendall (breaking my record)," Campbell said, "maybe then, like he says, kids now tell him I'm going to break your record.   Well, now they've got something to shoot for, and you know, I think it's great."

In a strange twist of coincidence, Kendall is dating the daughter of Earl's wife's sister. So in essence, Kendall could end up keeping the rushing title in the family. Kendall plans to sign a college scholarship with Oklahoma State.

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