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Shedding Pounds For Cash: East Texans Want To Become "The Biggest Loser"

     It's an East Texas school district's own spin off of the hit TV show "The Biggest Loser." It's where a group of men and women try to get rid of those unwanted pounds to make their lives healthier. The person who loses the most becomes the "biggest loser."

     Now, East Texas teachers, coaches and staff in one school district have teamed up to shed the pounds. Today, was their first weigh in.

Jensey Bizzell, a third grade teacher at Frankston ISD is the recruiter of the school's biggest loser contest. "I would like to lose 40lbs., but realistically I am going for 20." Bizzell continued, "I thought it would be about 10 at first, but then it turned to 60. That's more than 50% of our faculty."

In all, 10 teams of six are hoping to become the "biggest loser."

"We decided to participate in the biggest loser because apparently, no  Bizzell said.

Here's how the competition works:

Today, (Tuesday 1/16) teachers, administrators and coaches weighed in to see how many pounds they have lost in a week.

"We pay our $5 for very week for 8 weeks and then we weigh on the scale and either go out smiling or frowning. "Bizzell said, "We are going to do it by percentages; so, whatever team gets the most percent or the biggest percentage will be the winners. And there is $2,400 that is to be split by 3 teams."

Forty-three-year-old Katrina Holmans is hoping to shed 20 pounds. She's the secretary at Frankston ISD, "One week so far doing pretty good , I lost 6lbs. this morning, so I'm excited. You don't want to walk out and be the one who didn't lose the weight, so it's very motivating to work and see the people doing the same thing you are doing and eating that salad right along with you. "

At the end of 8 weeks, Jensy has high hopes for her co-workers. "I hope we are a lot healthier. I hope that we are a lot happier and I hope the kids have learned how important it is to stay healthy."

 The question is: just, who will be the biggest loser?  

Along with the winning team, the person who loses the most weight will win cash. The winners will be announced on March 6th. KLTV 7 will be following the Frankston ISD staff's every pound throughout the competition.

Karolyn Davis, reporting,


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