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01/16/07 - Lakes Tyler & Palestine

Lakes On The Rise, Business Looking Up

Despite temperatures around freezing, water continues to flow into East Texas lakes following Saturday's flooding rains. 

And the water keeps rising.   Looking at Lake Tyler, the rise is just over two-and-a-half feet since Friday.   That lake remains about five feet low.

At Lake Palestine, the rise is nearly four feet, and the lake is full.   At Lake Palestine, it's like nothing ever happened.  The boats are tucked in their stalls, waiting for Spring.

Today, the lake is full.  Downstream, it's over the spillway.

For traffic going north and south, the sight of low water along the Highway 155 bridge and other bridges at Lake Palestine was a very common sight.  What the drought took so long to deplete, was returned in just a few days.  

At the Lake Tyler Marina, David Stoner hasn't been able to sell gasoline since last year.

"Since June of last year, boats haven't been able to launch or get gasoline on the lake. Most people couldn't get out of their boat houses either with their boats on the lake," says Stoner.

This lake is not full, but ever since he bought the marina a couple years ago, Stoner's only seen the lake fall.

"Already first thing this morning, people are calling to see if we have boat slips available, so hopefully it'll come up enough to bring that business back."

With a small watershed and so much to make up Lake Tyler will need several more four-inch rains, but this was a very good start.

"Everybody's attitude started to change just a little bit," Stoner says.

Looking at the levels of other lakes around East Texas Tuesday afternoon, they continue to rise though the rain has ended. Runoff will take several more days to come to an end.

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