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Body Found Murdered Near Elementary School

A Longview man is found dead near a local elementary school. Police say the discovery was made around 6 o'clock Tuesday morning by a G.K. Foster Elementary employee. That's near the intersection of Young Street and MLK Junior Boulevard in Longview.    

It's a gruesome discovery in the backyard of a Longview elementary school: a man is found dead and police are calling it murder. 

"The driveway that the body was found next to, is a visitor parking and student drop off that the buses and parents take from Young Street to come up in behind G.K. Foster to drop off their kids," says Sergeant Shaun Pendleton with the Longview Police Department.

Police say the murder is in no way related to the school, but the district is still letting parents know.  

"We will be sending a letter home with all parents just to communicate with them that it had nothing to do with the school, nothing to do with Longview ISD," says Brian Bowman with Longview ISD.

Diane Venson is an LISD food service employee who found the body. She's arrives early at the school every morning. 

"I was on my way to work and I was coming through there like I always do and I thought it was a bag of trash but it wasn't it was a body...I didn't see anything there but his nose and mouth, bleeding from the nose and mouth," she says.

Police say the body is that of Tonny Ray Norris, 32, of Longview. County records show a recent burglary of a building arrest.  He was released from jail just days ago.  

Norris' friends say he had his problems, but they don't know why anyone would want to kill him.
"It's a shock to me cause he didn't mess with nobody, he didn't with nobody as far as being violent, he wasn't violent, nothing like that...I'm going to miss him dearly," says long-time friend Dewey Booth.

Police have not determined a cause of death. An autopsy has been ordered, but results will not be available for several days. This marks the first murder in 2007 for the city of Longview.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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