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Body Found Near East Texas Elementary School

An East Texas man is found dead near an elementary school.   Police say he was discovered around 6:00 a.m. today (Tuesday 1/16) by several G.K. Foster elementary employees in Longview.

 Police say it's still early in their investigation and are not releasing the cause of death, but KLTV 7 has been told it is a homicide. Police say the victim is 32 year old Tonny Ray Norris of Longview.  He was released from jail just days ago.

Police have been investigating the homicide all morning. Crime scene tape marks off the wooded area behind G.K. Foster elementary school where Norris' body was found.

Sergeant Shaun Pendleton, Longview police department said, "The driveway that the body was next to is a visitor parking lot. It's a student drop off that the buses and parents take from Young street to come in behind G.K. Foster to drop off their kids; unfortunately, this is just where it happened, but it has absolutely nothing to do with the elementary school at all."

Dewey Booth a long-time friend of the victim (Norris) said, "He didn't mess with nobody, he didn't mess with nobody. As far as being violent, he wasn't violent, nothing like that."

KLTV 7 talked with more friends and family of Norris. They told KLTV 7 he had no enemies and do not know why anyone would want to kill him.

Police do not have any person(s) of interest, but are interviewing possible witnesses.

Tracy Watler, reporting,


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